PR 106 Non-Basmati Rice

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PR 106 Non-Basmati Rice

Grown in Punjab and Haryana, the PR-106 non-basmati rice is a substitute to Thai and Vietnamese rice. Its grain is longer than the IR-64 non-basmati rice.

PR 106 Non-Basmati Rice


PR-106 Golden Sella Non-Basmati rice

The long grain PR-106 golden sella parboiled rice has minimal moisture content of around 1-12% and is high in protein.
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PR-106 Creamy Sella Non-Basmati rice

Another variety of pusa parboiled rice is the pusa creamy sella or pusa white sella which is processed by first steaming it at the paddy stage and then drying it out before sending it for the milling process.
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PR-106 Steam Non-Basmati Rice

The PR-106 steam rice is admired for its taste and long shelf life. The rice is easy to cook and digest, and the grains are uniform in length and color.
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PR-106 Raw Non-Basmati Rice

PR-106 raw rice has a high nutritional value and scrumptious taste which makes it superior to natural raw basmati rice. It is 100% chemical and gluten free that helps in easy digestion.
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PR 106 Non-Basmati Rice

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